Are homeopathic medicines safe?

Because of the microdoses used, homeopathic medicines are non-toxic. All homeopathic medicines come from natural sources like plants and minerals. In many cases, individual homeopathic medicines can be beneficial in treating several different conditions or illnesses.

When used properly, they are safe for everyone, including pregnant women, newborns, children and seniors.

Where can homeopathic medicine be purchased?

Most homeopathic medicines are available over the counter and can be purchased from natural food stores, pharmacies, and even some grocery stores. They are much less expensive than conventional medicines, costing an average of $6 – $9, and have an extended shelf life.

When you are a patient of Lisa Decandia, you can get appropriateĀ medicinesĀ from her, and the cost is included in the cost of your session.

Homeopathic pellet medicinesWhat are these medicines like?

Most come in small vials like those pictured here. The small white pellets have a sweet taste, and are typically melted under your tongue to be best absorbed into your body.